For over 5 years, S. S. Foodstuff Trading Company has been a nationwide industry leader in food distribution. Our success is based on our values, facilities, variety in brands, business partners, and our innovations.

At S. S. Foodstuff, the one thing that distinguishes our company as superior to other distribution companies is our leadership. Our owners have created a leadership style that supports the organization as one family working together for one common goal and a culture in our people that is impossible to duplicate. Our leadership had a philosophy:"If your customers are successful and your suppliers are successful, then you will be successful." This set the stage for our commitment to superior customer service and quality products at competitive prices.


The food industry is riding on a health wave; an increase in consumer awareness about health concerns has led to most of the bakery products being augmented with health benefits from fiber and whole grains. 
As the continuous development of new products to synchronize with the prevalent trend of healthy eating and lifestyle changes is a prominent characteristic of this market, the production of novel, high-quality products offers the edge over competition. The thriving bakery industry is still in the developing stage, offering huge opportunities for the bakery ingredients market to grow alongside. Manufacturers of bakery ingredients such as enzymes, flavors, fats, shortenings, leavening agents, and improvers have to ratchet up levels of innovation to enable more productive business outcomes. 
The rise in functional and health-focused bakery products on supermarket shelves has helped fend off the attack from low-carb diets. Growing consumer interest in nutrition and health is driving the demand in many food sectors for health claim labeling such as for whole grain, high fibre and no trans fats.

Flours and bakery products use enriched ingredients with added B-vitamins or additional sources of essential nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids. Consumers are looking for whole grains and products with no preservatives. 


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